Grenadine syrup

It’s pomegranate season and the local street food markets  are filled with juicy and delicious pomegranate fruits. Apart from a healthy and flavourful fresh juice  you can also prepare some fresh grenadine syrup and spice up your cocktail bar.

Our home made grenadine syrup, no preservatives no food colouring. Only natural colours and flavours!

Shopping List

  • 2 big pomegranates (ripe, If you are able to scratch the skin using your fingernail and gentle pressure then is ripe). They should give you approximately a big cup of juice
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 12 dashes of Peychauds aromatic bitters or other bitters like Angostura (optional)

And now what?

The process is simple. We do not want to damage the flavours and vitamins so no boiling involved for this syrup.

First you get the juice out of the fruit. I usually use a fine sieve and a pestle to squeeze the seeds and extract the juice.

Squeeze the seeds with a pestle and extract the juices

Once you have the juice, add equal parts caster sugar. This is a recipe for a 1-to-1 simple syrup. I estimate that 2 ripe fruits will give you a big cup of juice thus you should add equal quantity of caster sugar. You can always adjust this based on your taste and the use of the syrup. At the end add the bitters and shake well until sugar is dissolved in the liquid.

Enjoy your syrup with cocktails and sweets.

You can refrigerate the syrup for up to a month.

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